What career support can you put in place for students with disabilities during lockdown?


In a matter of weeks, the recruitment landscape has evolved beyond our wildest dreams. How best can we use the time to continue to support the 14% of students with disabilities in providing them with the tools and resources which will enable them to apply for jobs, internships, placements once the crisis has passed, or take advantage of the huge amount of volunteering opportunities which are currently available?

One of the main challenges for disabled students involves thinking about what ‘reasonable adjustments’ or support they will need in order to be able to access roles that they are more than capable of doing. Putting some thought into this now will yield dividends later as the more familiar a student is with discussing their requirements the easier it will become to articulate to employers down the track.

What can you do now?

Be proactive – download our detailed and practical eBook ‘Recruitment Process Adjustments’ which looks at the 5 most common questions surrounding accessing support:

  • What is an adjustment?
  • What adjustments do I need?
  • How can I request them?
  • Who do I contact about adjustments?
  • Who pays?

Communicate the information to students – this content is freely available to download. Plan the ways in which you can share and promote this and other useful resources to disabled students while they are self-isolating. Sign post them to our practical exercise on creating an ‘Openness statement’ (also known as disclosure) which they can practice in the comfort of their own home and be ready to articulate to potential employers when normality resumes. Share on social media or via your career’s portal & newsletters.

Build your capability – join us on Thursday 30th April for our next webinar. For more information please click the link below and to book please contact emma@myplusconsulting.com