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MyPlus have developed a range of resources to support employability staff build their knowledge, expertise and ability to support students with disabilities as they transition from education into employment.

Toolkit: Be disability confident on campus

The MyPlus Disability Confidence on Campus Toolkit provides information and guidance to employability and careers advisers who are supporting students with disabilities as the search for their placements, internships and graduate roles.

The wealth of practical advice and resources contained in the Toolkit will enable you to expertly advise your students with disabilities about careers, thus increasing the chances of ALL your students successfully gaining meaningful employment upon graduation.

"After attending Helen’s Disability Confident sessions, I quickly identified that the Disability Confident Tool Kit was the missing link in preparing our students for their transition to employment."

Vicki Walsh, Business Leader, Uniting Employment Services & School Leaver Employment Supports

Toolkit Contents

Disability Confidence on Campus: Why disability matters

This provides provides an overview of the disability and student recruitment landscape and in particular the disaparity between students with a disablity, and those without, finding employment upon graduation.

Understanding Disability

Disability is a broad term covering a multitude of disabilities and long-term health conditions. This section provides an overview of what is covered by the term disability and the common place disabilities that students at universities have.

Challenges facing students with disabilities

In order to be able to support students with disabilities into employment, we first need to understand what the challenges and barriers are that they face. This section provides insights into those challenges.

Staff development session: The five pillars of disability confidence on campus

This digital training for employability and careers staff, delivered as a webinar, is designed to build understanding of the specific challenges facing students with disabilities as they transistion from education to employment and be in a position to support them with accurate information, resources and advice. The webinar covers the 5 pillars of disability confidence on campus.

5 Pillars

Student skills sessions: Digital Training Packs

These digital training packs are designed for use by staff with your students and cover the ‘how to’ of job attainment with a disability.

Each interactive training package will equip you with up to date information and the resources to build the confidence and skills of students with disabilities to address the unique challenges they face as they successfully transition from education into employment.

These digital training packs can also be purchased individually; for more information please see further below.

Conversation cards

The Conversation Cards are designed for Careers Staff to use with students with disabilities to help them navigate some of the challenges they face as they apply for jobs and navigate the recruitment process.

Based on feedback from Careers Staff, students tend to have a clear idea of the topics that they want advice and guidance on and the Conversation Cards can be used to put some structure around these conversations.

The 6 topics covered are:

  • The benefits of being open
  • How to be open
  • Applying for work with a disability
  • Requesting Adjustments in the recruitment process
  • Communicating strengths
  • Accessing disability confident employers

Conversation Cards ALL

Take a look at an example of our Toolkit below:

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Digital training packs for students

The digital training packs which are part of the Toolkit, can also be purchased separately for £350 +VAT.

The four areas covered are:

  • Disclosure: How to disclose a disability and benefits of doing so
  • Identifying strengths: Using a disability to stand out from the crowd
  • Accessing support and adjustments during the recruitment process
  • Applying with a disability: accounting for differences in your application

Each digital training pack is support by:

  • A Train the Trainer guide & notes
  • A video introduction to the training
  • A power point deck of sides

These digital training packs are £350 +VAT each

To view a sample of any of the training sessions for students please click on one of the icons below:



To view a sample of any of the Train the Trainer notes, please click on one of the icons below:

Trainer Brief_Disclosure Front CoverTrainer Brief_Adjustment Front Cover


Trainer Brief_Applying With A Disability Front CoverTrainer Brief_Strengths Front Cover


If you would like more information about our digital training packs please email Helen Cooke at