Disability & student recruitment – all you need to know – 13th February 2024



"I thought that this was by far the best session I've ever attended on the topic or disability and student recruitment. It was detailed, clear and nuanced, and I really appreciated your guiding principles of openness and sharing." Claire, University of York

To enable the increasing number of disabled graduates to successfully transition from education into employment, it is crucial that those providing careers advice and guidance are able to provide the specialist advice required.

This will involve understanding the additional challenges that having a disability can bring to the job-hunting process and enabling your students to successfully overcome these to compete fairly in the recruitment process. For some students it will also involve building their confidence to even contemplate applying for jobs and challenging them to identify their unique skill set.

During this webinar, we will:

-Examine the employment landscape for disabled students

-Outline the challenges faced by students as they navigate the recruitment process

-Develop our knowledge of how to advise students on 4 key areas:


-Requesting support

-Accounting for mitigating circumstances

-Positively positioning their disability with employers

-Provide you with practical advice that you can use with your students

This webinar will be delivered by Helen Cooke, CEO and Founder of MyPlus; it will be run as an interactive event and provide the opportunity for discussion, questions and sharing best practice. This webinar is free to attend. Please note this webinar will not be recorded, and the presentation will not be circulated.

This webinar is taking place on Tuesday 13th February; 9.30am to 10.45am. 

Who should attend?

This webinar is ideal for those who are new to the area of disability & employment as well as those who have been working in this area for a while and wish to consider some of the key issues from a fresh perspective.

I found the webinar thoroughly interesting and informative, it being suitable for both new and experienced academics and careers staff. It was an opportunity to refresh and reflect upon existing knowledge and understanding of such an important subject matter.

Ceri, Employability & Placements Officer
University of Leeds.